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Look what our clients say! —— From Germany Ruldof

The story begins with the miniature cooling module, the picture is showed above.

The miniature cooling module consists of 4 parts: a compressor, a condenser, an evaporator and a capillary. Basically, this is the main part of the whole cooling system.

The dimension of this cooling module is 246*121*150mm, the net weight is 2.7kg. The appropriate amount of refrigerant is filled before leaving the factory. By installing this miniature cooling module with the customer’s system correctly, the max cooling capacity can be up to 500W and the power consumption is only about 200W.

The miniature cooling module can be used in many cases, including portable refrigeration systems, food cooling systems, micro refrigeration systems, temperature-controlled shipping containers, electronic refrigeration systems, and medical imaging systems , mini cooling water systems, etc.

After the testing, here comes the feedback from Rudolf:

“Finally we could test your chiller. They keep what you promised. I’ve attached our test report. The chillers are smaller and more powerful than the previous ones from XX company. We will use your chillers in the future. Thank you very much for everything. I will keep you up to date on the progress of the work.”

Good performance is always the best advertisement. Welcome to work with us, let quality talks!

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