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Miniature Precision Water Chiller Boost the Development of Ultrafast Lasers

The ultrafast laser market is set to explode

Laser technology is closely related to today’s life and has been widely used in various fields such as industry, agriculture, measurement, communication, medicine, military and scientific research. With the rise of ultrafast laser technology, microfabrication will become one of the most promising areas of growth in laser technology applications in the coming years. Industrial lasers such as picosecond lasers, femtosecond lasers, and the hotter research field of attosecond lasers, all of these fall under the category of ultrafast lasers. Ultrafast lasers produce ultra-short pulses that interact with the material for a very short time and do not cause thermal effects on the surrounding material, making them particularly suitable for precision processing.

Advances in technology and the emergence of large-scale market demand have led to the rapid development of ultrafast laser technology. Now, ultrafast lasers have begun to move beyond traditional research techniques, and picosecond lasers have been used commercially for more than 20 years. With this has come a reduction in the cost of manufacturing ultrafast lasers and the ability to adapt them to industrial needs. It is believed that the next 5~10 years will be the era of fast pulling up of ultrafast lasers, which is a challenge and an opportunity for every laser company and laser peripheral supporting product companies.

Coolingstyle’s micro chillers boost the development of the ultrafast lasers

Ultrafast lasers have two distinctive features: high stability of ultrashort pulses and high pulse energy. The high pulse stability requires high stability of the laser operating temperature to ensure, and therefore requires precise temperature control of the laser. For lasers, a water cooling system based on vapor compression cooling is the most economical and efficient means of temperature control at present. According to the characteristics of ultrafast lasers, Coolingstyle has developed a series of water cooling products, such as Q420/Q580 series chillers, 5U03 chillers, etc. Take Q420/Q580 series chillers as an example, they have the following outstanding advantages.

1. Small size and light weight

Q420/Q580 series chillers adopt miniature and efficient functional accessories inside, while minimizing the volume of the water tank, making the whole machine very small in volume and weight, which is the smallest among the same type of products in China. Its size is 245mm (L) x 248mm (W) x 215mm (H), which is only about 1/3 of the average of other similar products in China; its weight is 10kg, which is less than 1/2 of the average of other similar products in China. The integrated design will greatly simplify the laser equipment system, reduce the occupied space, and will be more convenient in operation.

2. High precision of temperature control

In the Q420/Q580 series chillers, the control of temperature is carried out by frequency control of the vapor compression refrigeration system and regulation of the electric heating tube, both of which work in a complementary manner to achieve precise control of the water temperature. Since the laser is not stable and the uncertainty of environmental factors has a great impact on the refrigeration system, the structure and parameters of the system must rely on experience and field commissioning to determine, so it is not possible to control the chiller system with an accurate mathematical model. The PID algorithm is simple, robust and reliable, and is one of the most suitable control strategies for this system, which, based on the error of the system, calculates the proportional, integral, and differential control quantities to regulate the working of the system. Due to the above advantages of PID, it makes the Q420/Q580 series chiller control system fast response and high control accuracy without the need to increase the tank too much to use the heat capacity of water to achieve temperature stability, which is also one of the guarantees that this chiller can be miniaturized.

Temperature Control Schematic Diagram

In the actual working process, the temperature control curve of Q420/Q580 series chillers is shown in the figure, and the temperature control accuracy of ±0.1℃ can be easily achieved. In the case of relatively stable working conditions, the temperature control accuracy can even reach ±0.01℃.

Temperature curve

3. Fast response time

When just turned on or the system working conditions change (such as changing the set temperature), the water temperature takes a while to reach stability. Q420/Q580 series chillers adopt the optimized PID algorithm and the small water tank with small heat capacity, which makes the system stabilization time shorter, only about 5 minutes. This can greatly reduce the preparation time before the laser work and improve efficiency.

4. High cooling efficiency

The power consumption of the Q420/Q580 series chillers is relatively low due to the use of frequency conversion technology to control the compressor, rather than simply using hot and cold hedging for temperature regulation as with traditional chillers. Despite the small size of the chillers, the cooling capacity can reach 420W and 580W, making it possible to achieve a wide range of applications for precise temperature control of infrared picosecond lasers up to 40W, green picosecond lasers up to 35W, or UV picosecond lasers up to 20W.

Other applications of miniature high-precision chillers

Designed with a micro DC inverter compressor, the micro chiller has a small size and light weight, high precision temperature control, fast response speed, high cooling efficiency, and other outstanding features. In addition to the ultra-fast laser field has a very good application, but also suitable for the vehicle-mounted human cooling systems, IGBT and other high-power devices cooling, precision instrumentation cooling, and other fields.

Want to know what makes Q420/Q580 series chiller special to other brand’s chillers? This article will help you.

Company Profile of Coolingstyle

Shenzhen Coolingstyle Technology Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise specialized in micro-environmental cooling technology research and development, program design, and product manufacturing. We are the earliest leader in the micro-environmental cooling industry in China. Our business is from the earliest institute research, and gradually deepens into industrial applications, civil consumption, and other directions. The founder of the company graduated from Tsinghua University, always adheres to the road of “independent intellectual property rights” and “industry-university-research combination”, we currently have more than 50 relevant intellectual property rights. We have cooperated with many research institutes of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Institute of Applied Electronics of the Chinese Academy of Engineering Physics, CSIC, CEC, China Aerospace, and other national key research institutes and successfully completed the projects with a 100% success rate.

At present, our products have gradually formed small high-precision laser chillers to help industrial interconnection, intelligent wearable human cooling systems, through the in-depth study of micro DC inverter compressor and intelligent inverter control algorithm iterative improvement, has become the leading domestic and international micro-environmental cooling industry enterprises.

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