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Introduction of the micro cooling system

Same as the normal cooling system, the micro cooling system consists of the primary 4 components: a compressor, a condenser, a capillary throttle, and an evaporator. But all these 4 components are much smaller than we usually see in a micro cooling product.

As the core part of the refrigeration system, the miniature refrigeration compressor acts as a pump to transport refrigerant through the system. The condenser is to condense the refrigerant. The refrigerant coming from the compressor and entering into the condenser is hot and pressurized. Then the condenser cools the refrigerant by transforming it into a liquid state. Next, the refrigerant comes to the capillary throttle. The capillary throttle acts as a small valve helping reduce the pressure and temperature of the refrigerant. This sudden drop in pressure and temperature results in a cooling effect. The evaporator absorbs heat inside the cooling system. It acts as a medium of exchange for heat from the cooling objects to the refrigerant. As it absorbs heat as much as possible, it gets hotter and turns into gas, and finally is pushed back into the compressor.

What makes Coolingstyle cooling system so small and powerful?

The compressor is the core of the refrigeration system, and its capabilities and characteristics The compressor is the core of the refrigeration system, and its capabilities and characteristics determine the capabilities and characteristics of the refrigeration system. Coolingstyle compressor is the rolling rotor compressor. With only 0.88kg, the cooling capacity of Coolingstyle’s compressor varies from 100W to 500W by regulating the rotation speed.

The advantages of the miniature compressor

Small size, light-weight, large cooling power, low energy consumption, variable frequency, and easy precise control.


It’s ideal for mobile or portable thermal management systems. Micro compressors can be widely used in refrigeration units of air conditioning devices, water cooling devices, and commercial refrigeration devices. Its main applications include portable refrigeration systems, food cooling systems, micro refrigeration systems, temperature-controlled shipping containers, electronic refrigeration systems, and medical imaging systems, mini cooling water systems, etc.

Below are our successful cases: portable air conditioner, body cooling system, mobile refrigerator, high-end laser chiller, liquid cooling system for computing unit, industrial chiller, rack-mounted chiller, medical water bath, laser waterless cooling unit, air-cooled cooling of shipboard computing unit. etc.

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