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CS-MRC-Q Micro Water Chiller
Perfect for: 3-8W UV laser machine; 3-8W UV solid state laser; 30W green laser
CS-RMC-4U Water Chiller
· Standard 4U size · Intelligent frequency conversion, low energy consumption · Precision thermal control...
CS-RMC-5U Water Chiller
Compact size chiller; 5U chiller; Perfect for rack mount cooling design.
CS-RMC-6U Water Chiller
Standard rack 6U size design Temperature stability is ±0.1℃


What makes the Q series chiller special?
Most lasers need a liquid chiller for cooling because in the energy conversion process that occurs with...
The Efficient Cooling Method For A Laser
What is a laser? Being invented in the 1960s, A laser is a device that emits light through a process...



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