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The micro-environment cooling is mainly the cooling of the local space or the direct cooling of the heat source.

The micro-environment cooling technology can be applied to all kinds of portable and miniature cooling system, such as portable air conditioner, miniature chiller, DC solar cooling chiller, mini refrigerator, medical therapy system, body cooling system, and etc.

Yes. The whole project will be completed like this: Initial concept > Feasibility evaluation > Structure design > Electronic control design > Making a prototype > Test performance >Adjustment > Final Prototype >Mass production

Based on the micro rolling rotor compressor, equipping reasonably with a series of micro cooling components to build the micro cooling system.

Small size, light weight, high cooling power, low energy consumption, variable frequency and easy precise control.

The compressor is the rolling rotor compressor, now we have 1.9cc and 2.8cc compressor type. The 2.8cc compressor with R290 refrigerant is now successfully developed.

2.8cc compressor has dual cylinders which is more quiet when running.

The heat load is the minimum capacity of a chiller to cool a laser. The best option is to choose the relative cooling capacity. If you are not sure, you can ask us for help.

Space-saving. Energy-saving. Frequency control. High precision temperature control. High customize option. Economic but durable.


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