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Micro Chiller Supplier
We offer air-cooled chillers with compact size, high energy efficiency and powerful cooling performance.
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Micro DC Compressor
We provide micro compressors and micro cooling system solutions.
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Miniature Cooling Modular
The compact size enables multiple customized cooling systems.
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About Us

What We Do?

Over 10 years of miniature cooling system development experience, we have successfully launched a series of micro cooling products in different fields. Such as compact chillers, body cooling system, portable air conditioner, etc.

What's Special?

Comparing to the traditional large size compressor, Coolingstyle miniature compressor shows great performance with its compact size and power cooling capacity. OEM and ODM are welcomed if you don't find what you need on our website.

Our Products

CS-MRC-Q Micro Water Chiller
Perfect for: 3-8W UV laser machine; 3-8W UV solid state laser; 30W green laser
CS-RMC-4U Water Chiller
· Standard 4U size · Intelligent frequency conversion, low energy consumption · Precision thermal control...
CS-RMC-5U Water Chiller
Compact size chiller; 5U chiller; Perfect for rack mount cooling design.
CS-RMC-6U Water Chiller
Standard rack 6U size design Temperature stability is ±0.1℃
1.9cc Miniature Compressor
1. Basic Parameters Compressor Type Rotary DC Timing Compressors Rated Voltage DC 24V Voltage...
2.8cc Miniature Compressor
1. Basic Parameters Compressor TypeDC Dual Rotor Inverter CompressorsRated VoltageDC 24VVoltage...
Personal Cooling System
Introduction What is Personal Cooling System? The personal cooling system is made with high-quality...
Direct Expansion System
The cold head acts as an evaporator and cool down the object by direct contact Fast cooling speed and...


Cooperated Clients

Visionary Clients

What Our Clients Say?

This is a revolutionary device. For homeowners using solar energy, we can ditch expensive and breakdown-prone inverters with direct-drive DC airconditioners. So to everyone who wants free energy from the sun …. BUY THIS PRODUCT.
Finally we could test your chiller. They keep what you promised. I've attached our test report. The chillers are smaller and more powerful than the previous ones from XX company. We will use your chillers in the future.
This is really the smallest chiller ever! Not like other chillers, this small body has a real strong cooling capacity as it advertised. I've tested the chiller with our Nanosecond UV laser from 3W to 15W, and its performance totally beyond my expectations!...

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Coolingstyle's Miniature Chiller Temperature Stabilizes At ±0.1℃
Temperature accuracy plays an important role in the laser's performance. The video below shows our miniature...
A Brief Evaluation of Personal Cooling Systems
Have you ever wondered what personal cooling systems are? How they are beneficial in the world and how...



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