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How to prevent your chiller from freezing in winter | Coolingstyle

With the arrival of winter, the temperature has plummeted, and many places have reached below zero degrees, freezing and snowing everywhere, especially in the north, where the outdoor temperature is even lower, then the problem arises, How to protect your chiller from freezing when the ambient temperature is too low?

Why do laser chillers need anti-freeze?

If the ambient temperature is too low, the circulating cooling water pipeline may freeze. The density of ice is smaller than that of water, and the volume will expand when it freezes. Therefore, the cooling water pipeline inside the chiller and the laser may be broken or deformed by volume expansion, resulting in damage, so it’s a must to do a good anti-freeze work of the chiller.

What is the anti-freeze solution?

How to do a good job of antifreeze for the chiller, the proper adding of antifreeze solution is the key to antifreeze.

The full name of antifreeze is antifreeze coolant, that is, coolant with antifreeze function, which can prevent the coolant from freezing in cold winter, bursting the pipeline inside the laser and the chiller and damaging the sealing of the pipeline.

Nowadays, there are various kinds of antifreeze with different formulations on the market, so many customers do not know how to choose.

How to choose the anti-freeze solution?

The following is a recommendation for our common antifreeze ethylene glycol aqueous solution, about the ratio between them, density and concentration, and freezing point of the comparison table, as follows.

The above is the freezing point of glycol aqueous solution concentration, glycol is used as a refrigerating medium, the freezing point of glycol antifreeze will change with the change of glycol content ratio in the aqueous solution. But glycol solution as a refrigerating medium has a certain degree of corrosion, we must pay attention to it. And some types of lasers have certain requirements for antifreeze, so it is recommended to communicate with the laser manufacturer before adding antifreeze to be more secure.

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