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014 Miniature Compressor

014 miniature compressor is suitable for all kinds of compact and micro cooling system.

Product Details:

1. Basic Parameters

Compressor TypeRotary DC Inverter Compressors
Rated VoltageDC 24V
Voltage Range24V±10%
Rated Current10A
Maximum Current12A
Motor Rotor Pole6
EER (at 4500 rpm) ≥2.6*95%W/W
Speed Range2000~6000rpm
Cooling Capacity(at 4500 rpm)≥240*95%W
Oil Charge30ml
Ambient Temperature-5~55℃
Evaporating Temperature-10~15℃
Condensing Temperature45~76℃
Weight(Compressor Body Only)0.7kg
Suction Tube(I.D)6.5mm
Discharge Tube(I.D)6.5mm

2. Compressor size

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