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Miniature compressor

Coolingstyle's 028 Miniature Compressor

What are the advantages of the micro dc compressors

A compressor, frequently referred to as the ”heart” of the refrigeration systems, is an essential and often costly part of the air cooling process. It converts electricity into energy and circulates the coolant required for the heat transfer process to keep your house and equipment cool and comfortable throughout warmer weather. Merely explained, there is …

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019 Miniature Compressor

1. Basic Parameters Compressor Type Rotary DC Timing Compressors Rated Voltage DC 24V Voltage range 24V±10% Rated Current 10A Maximum Current 12A Displacement 1.9cm³/rev Motor Rotor Pole 6 Maximum Compression Ratio 8 Speed Range 2000~6000rpm Cooling Capacity(at 6000 rpm) 440W(ASHRAE Conditions) Refrigerant R134a Oil RL68H Oil Charge 50mL Ambient Temperature -5~55℃ Evaporating Temperature -10~15℃ Condensing …

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