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Personal Cooling Solutions

Human health is closely related to the temperature of the environment, and generally speaking, the optimal ambient temperature for the human body is between 20 degrees Celsius and 28 degrees Celsius. When the outdoor temperature is too high in the hot summer, the human body will not only feel uncomfortable and have difficulty in perspiring, but will even be exposed to the disease hazards associated with high temperatures.

In high-temperature conditions, due to the human body temperature and the external environment temperature difference being small, the heat generated by the human body is difficult to timely and effectively through the human epidermal cells to sweat evaporation of heat, a large number of heat accumulation in the human body. Slightly, it will produce mental neurological disorders, affecting the human mood, workability, and office efficiency. Seriously, it will cause the human body water and salt metabolism disorders and heatstroke phenomenon. Furthermore, it will produce a heat stress state. At the same time, the dehydration of the body and the thickening of the blood leads to the aggravation of the existing disease, which can induce heart disease, hypertension, coronary heart disease, etc. The impact of high temperature on human health is multifaceted, directly or indirectly on the physiological functions of the human body, and the most serious consequence is to cause death.

With the increasing trend of global warming, human beings will face more severe high-temperature environment, especially those who are engaged in outdoor work in summer, such as summer open-air work: traffic police, courier dispatchers, aerial workers, railway maintenance personnel; high-temperature strong radiation work: steel smelting, forging, ceramic firing; and other high-temperature special operations: firefighters, tank soldiers, etc. They face a harsher working environment, and the hazards of high temperature will always be there.

Traditional refrigeration is a large space closed environment for the overall cooling, and for small spaces, high-temperature conditions, high energy sources of heat generation, and other markets only for local cooling, the traditional refrigeration devices constitute the refrigeration method will no longer be applicable. Micro-environmental refrigeration is a new concept in the refrigeration industry, related technology products in a long time mainly used in the military field. With the further maturity of micro refrigeration technology, Coolingstyle is developing micro refrigeration products for civilian use, to meet the needs of the civilian market for micro-environmental refrigeration. Through years of dedicated research, in the human body cooling through multiple ways to develop a variety of human cooling equipment, ice storage, and cooling is one of the human cooling methods, it is small in size, lightweight, easy to operate, practicability, rapid cooling effect, human body comfort, loved by the majority of consumers.

Test of wearing personal cooling system

  1. Test period: 22.6.2020 from 12:40 to 14:40
  2. Test conditions: outdoor air temperature: 33°C, average outdoor ground temperature: 50°C, in the sun without any shading measures.
  3. Testers: Both were wearing protective clothing, one wearing a cooling suit and the other not.

Comparison of the Flir of the test person wearing the cooling suit with the one without the cooling suit. The comparison from Figure 1 and Figure 2 shows that the area of the cooling suit for the test person wearing the cooling suit shows a temperature of 35.6°C, while the temperature of the same area for the test person not wearing the cooling suit shows 38.5°C, which has exceeded the normal temperature of the human body. The video shows the Flir of both in direct sunlight, from which it can be seen that the upper body of the tester wearing the cooling suit has a clear blue area of low temperature, while the other one without the cooling suit does not show this.

Figure 1
Figure 2

When the test lasted for 30 minutes, the tester who was not wearing cooling suits indicated that he was too drenched in sweat to continue and took off their suits, while the one wearing cooling suits continued the test under the sun.

This test concluded that the cooling suit system is effective in cooling epidemic prevention personnel working in hot environments or outdoors, and can greatly improve the physical comfort of epidemic prevention personnel.

Currently, we have two types of personal cooling systems for your choice.

We accept all kinds of customized personal cooling solutions. Welcome to contact us!

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