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2022 Malaysia International HVAC Refrigeration Exhibition REVAC

Held every two years, the 3-day 2022 Malaysia International Heating Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Exhibition REVAC was held in Kuala Lumpur from November 7th to 9th. The epidemic did not extinguish everyone’s enthusiasm for participating in the exhibition. In the post-epidemic era, holding offline exhibitions has become more cherished. Therefore, this International Refrigeration Exhibition, which is two years late, has further enhanced the enthusiasm of exhibitors and visitors at home and abroad. REVAC Exhibition is the premier refrigeration, ventilation and air-conditioning industry event in Southeast Asia. Due to Malaysia’s unique geographical location and influence in Southeast Asia, the exhibition has become an important exchange and promotion platform for promoting the Southeast Asian market and cooperation. At this exhibition, Coolingstyle traveled thousands of miles with a variety of refrigeration products such as high-precision laser chillers to participate in the exhibition in Kuala Lumpur.

Exhibitor information of Coolingstyle:

2022 Malaysia International HVAC Refrigeration Exhibition REVAC

Booth No.: K511

Exhibition time: 11.7-9

Venue: Convention centre, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Holding cycle: every two years

As an industry event not to be missed by industry insiders, this year’s Kuala Lumpur HVAC Expo attracted many exhibitors, industry experts, and visitors from China, Thailand, India, Indonesia, Dubai, Vietnam, and Singapore, the United States, Germany and other countries and regions. Many outstanding business people and experts gathered together to explore new technologies, new products, and the latest development trends of the industry, and to find new cooperation and business opportunities. The exhibition site was full of excitement and crowds. Coolingstyle also showed you several types of refrigeration equipment on the spot. The products involved high-precision micro-laser chillers, CPU cooling systems, wearable human body cooling systems, micro DC Inverter compressors, etc., attracted a great number of visitors to inquire and stop to watch. Company colleagues gave detailed product introductions and operation demonstrations on site.

It is understood that import and export trade is one of the main driving forces to promote the economic development of Malaysia and occupies a very important position in the national economy of Malaysia. At the same time, it also highlights that the Malaysian economy is already highly internationalized. Malaysia is the first ASEAN country to formally establish diplomatic relations with China. Its geographical location is superior, which accelerates my country’s entry into the ASEAN market and is also a bridge for us to go to the Middle East, Australia and New Zealand markets. As the largest and most influential air-conditioning and refrigeration industry event in Southeast Asia, Malaysia Refrigeration Expo focuses on micro-environment refrigeration, actively grasps every opportunity at home and abroad, and enhances communication and exchanges with outstanding people in the industry. On-site display and communication will establish valuable contacts for subsequent cooperation, promote the company’s foreign trade business market, and learn about new industry trends at the same time.

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