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Body Cooling T-shirt

The human body cooling system keeps you from summer heat and enjoying outdoor activities.

Product Details:


The backpack cooling system is made up of water circulation system and liquid cooling T-shirt. The backpack cooling system circulates cold water and continuously flow around your body, keep user cool and comfortable in hot conditions. It includes 3L quick release water bladder, mini pump, battery, and quick fitting. Mesh liquid cooling T-shirt with microtubing embedded liner provides better cooling performance.

Components List

1Backpack circulation system
( Includes: backpack, water bladder, pump, switch)
2Mesh liquid cooling T-shirt1
31000 mAh power bank1
4User manual1
The Coolingstyle Body Cooling System Components List


  • Efficient cooling effect.
  • Economy, environmental protection and energy saving.
  • Ergonomically designed.
  • Simple operation.
  • Easy to go.
  • Suitable for hot temperature environment.

How body cooling system works?

Cold water comes from the water bladder and circulates to the whole body, and this process takes away body’s heat.

This picture shows the body temperature is reduced 10℃ after wearing the body cooling system.

How to use the body cooling system?


1.Take power bank out from the backpack, check the battery capacity, the default capacity is 80%.
2.Freeze the bladder. Disconnect the bladder from the backpack circulation system, fill in water to the line, lay flat and freeze it in the refrigerator.

Operation Step I

1.Take the frozen water bladder from the refrigerator, open the lock, add water and make sure water goes down to lower quick fitting, lock the bladder.
2.Connect the water bladder with backpack circulation system by quick fitting. (TIPS: If water bladder was not laid flflat in the refrigerator, it is possible to freeze the quick fitting or irregular shapes, please DO NOT connect quick fittings pushily, this may damage the fittings, ICE inside of quick fitting should be melt in 10-30
minutes. Be patient or pour some warm water to help melt the ice in the fitting.)
3.Connect the power bank. (TIPS: You may turn on the switch to check circulation before wearing the cooling T-shirt. Normally, you can see the water flowing back to the water bladder, also you hand can feel cooling from microtubing in 5-10 seconds)

Operation Step II

1.Put on cooling T-shirt.
2.Pull on the backpack, tight strap to the comfortable range, and connect quick fittings with the cooling T-shirt.
3.Turn on switch, system starts to circulation.

Clean and maintenance

1.Backpack circulation system: User may use wet clothing to clean the backpack exterior directly.
2.Liquid cooling T-shirt: Wash by hand or by washing machine with laundry bag.

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