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Congratulations to Coolingstyle’s acquisition of the new invention patent.

Brief introduction about this patent:

Patent name: Heat dissipation system and application method of a high-power gap laser.

Abstract: This application is about a high-power gap-type laser cooling system. There is a gap-type laser. The bottom of the first water tank is connected to the top of the second water tank through a water pipe. The cooling unit cools the circulating water in the first water tank into the second tank. The bottom of the second water tank is connected with the top of the third water tank, the bottom of the first water tank and the bottom of the second water tank are connected with the speed regulating water pump, and the speed regulating water pump is connected with the bottom of the third water tank. The bottom of the third water tank is connected to the cooling water pump, and the cooling water pump is connected to the gap laser. The circulating water in the third water tank flows back to the third water tank from the top of the third water tank through the water pipe after passing through the gap laser. Use two water tanks to store cold first, and then use another water tank to work, and the second water tank can be put into use again immediately after use to store high-temperature water, so that the overall water tank volume is reduced. At the same time, the intermittent time is used for cold storage, which makes the entire heat dissipation system miniaturized and lightweight, and is convenient for mobile use.

The successful application of another invention patent of Coolingstyle marks that Coolingstyle has made new innovations and breakthroughs in technology. Coolingstyle adheres to the road of “industry-university-research integration” and integrates product design, research and development, production, and sales. At present, the company’s products have gradually formed small-scale high-precision laser chillers to help industrial interconnection, and smart wearable human body cooling systems promote military-civilian integration these two product lines. The main products involve ultraviolet laser chillers, ultra-fast laser chillers, 3D printing laser chillers, small industrial chillers, scientific instrument refrigeration equipment, human body cooling systems, etc.

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