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Coolingstyle In 2023 Shenzhen Laser Exhibition

Coolingstyle brought new products to the 2023 Shenzhen Laser Exhibition and gained a lot.

It is another year of exhibition season. On June 27, the 16th Shenzhen Laser Exhibition was held as scheduled in Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center (Bao’an). At the same time, South China International Industry Expo also held industrial automation, machine vision, CNC machine tools and metal processing. More than 800 exhibitors from all over the country gathered in Pengcheng to participate in the grand event.

Coolingstyle brought 2023 new high-precision ultra-fast laser chiller CS-2700, micro frequency conversion chiller Q600/Q900, integrated laser marking machine and other hot-selling laser chiller series to this exhibition. In particular, the 2023 new integrated laser marking machine of Coolingstyle has become the new focus on the exhibition, and has attracted much attention. Many new and old customers stopped to visit and communicate and negotiate.

At the scene, Coolingstyle was highly praised by new and old customers for its strong product strength and technological innovation. Many new customers and friends who participated in the exhibition expressed their deep amazement at our miniature laser chiller Q420/Q580 series, saying that they have never seen such a small chiller, with its high precision and wide range of use, has attracted a large number of people in the industry and visiting customers and friends to visit and consult.

The three-day Shenzhen Laser Show in 2023 has come to a successful conclusion. The next one, 7.11-7.13, LASER World of PHOTONICS CHINA, see you there!

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