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What is Personal Cooling System?

The personal cooling system is made with high-quality parts that help to cool down the body in a hot environment. It has three main components, which are a mini-chiller, water-cooled clothing, and batteries. The chiller is connected to the clothing with the embedded water pipe. When it is worn on the body, these components will work together to transfer heat and cool the body temperature.  

Cooling vest
Mini chiller
After connecting with the cooing vest

What consists of the Coolingstyle personal cooling system?

  • Mini Chiller
mini chiller

The main function of the chiller is to cool down the water. The controller controls the chiller and the power cord connects to the battery. It has two water pipes which connect to a connector for direct connection to the cooling vest.

  • Cooling vest / suit
cooling vest

There are multiple water pipes embedded in the suit that let the water circulate without any obstruction. It has 2 male external connectors which let it connect to the chiller. The suit is lightweight as it weighs 0.5kg.

  • Injector

The injector is the part that fills the coolant into the chiller and the pipeline in the cooling vest.  Its usage will be discussed better in the article.

  • Battery

The battery of our personal cooling system can last about one hour when fully charged. The specifications show below:

  1. Nominal voltage of 25.9V
  2. Maximum voltage of 29.4V.
  3. 7Ah capacity
  4. 1.05kg in weight
  • Backpack

The backpack is another important part of the personal cooling system. It houses the chiller and battery. It is user-friendly and easy to move around.

How to set up our cooling system

Coolingstyle is one of the best and high-quality personal systems you can spend your money on. It is easy to use and set up. To begin, you have to lay all the parts on a flat surface so that you can swiftly put them together. The first thing you need to do is to fill the bottle with water. Once it is filled up, put the cap back and close it tight. Connect one of the chillers’ connectors to the vest’s connector. The second connector of the chiller should be connected to one of the connectors of the injector. Now, connect the second connector of the injector to the remaining connector of the vest. Your end result should be a connection of the connector, vest, and injector.

The next step after this is to connect the injector to the battery using the black wire. Switch on the battery. This action will enable water to begin pumping inside the vest and chiller.  This should take a few minutes. Once you notice that there is no air in the transparent tube, disconnect the pipes of the vest, chiller, and injector. Now, put the chiller into the backpack. Put it inside firmly with the pipe coming out from the side. The battery also has a space in the backpack. Once the chiller is safely in the backpack, you should go ahead to insert the battery at its rightful spot in the backpack.

With the chiller still in the backpack, reconnect the rope at the side with the vest. Plug the power port and remote from the battery into the chiller from the other side of the backpack. You need to make sure it aligns with the redpoint. Raise the backpack to keep the chiller in an upright position. When you get to this point, the vest should be lying beside it. You can now reconnect the injector to inject water. Once you disconnect, you can proceed to put on the cooling vest. Once it is firmly on your body, connect the chiller with the vest and the power port with the chiller. Now, put the backpack on. You can use the remote to adjust the speed. That is all! You have now successfully learned how to set up our personal cooling systems.

Also here is a video to show you how to use the personal cooling system.

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