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Leading Micro Climate Cooling Industry By Accumulated Technology.

The interview guest today of “Star of Science and Technology” was recommended by Dr. Tang Bo, Dean of Shenzhen Zhisheng High Technology Research Institute.

Traditional cooling is the overall cooling of the entire large room, while micro-environment cooling is mainly the cooling of the local space or the direct cooling of the heat source. With the launch of the Industry 4.0 strategy, the micro-climate intelligent temperature control system has been initially applied on a large scale in the fields of military, industrial, and many other industries. In today’s “Science and Technology Star”, Innovation Bay exclusively interviewed Yuancheng Zhu, the founder of Coolingstyles, to discuss the core technology of micro-environment refrigeration and its industrial applications.

The “heart” of the refrigeration system-micro compressor

In a high-temperature environment, people’s temperature regulation mechanism will be hindered, which will inhibit perspiration and increase the body’s heat storage, which will lead to heatstroke and induce various cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Furthermore, it may cause death in serious cases. In the same way, when the temperature raises really high and it can’t be controlled in a proper range, some instruments or equipment that have high requirements on the ambient temperature, such as electrical equipment, communication equipment, computer equipment, etc. will fail to work and possibly be damaged forever. A wearable human body cooling system designed with a micro-compressor can effectively keep people at a comfortable temperature in a high-temperature environment, ensuring safe and efficient operation; and in order to ensure the normal operation of industrial equipment, it is usually equipped with the corresponding cooling system.

Cooling in a broad sense that is known for most people is the overall cooling of the environment, and the corresponding micro-environment cooling, that is, direct cooling of local spaces or heating sources, is a new concept market segment in the refrigeration industry. The predecessor of micro-climate cooling related products was mainly used in the military field. However, in recent years, with the development of the refrigeration industry and the national policy of energy conservation and emission reduction, in order to meet the market’s demand for micro-climate cooling, some technologies have been gradually civilianized.

Compared with traditional refrigeration equipment, micro-environment cooling has very high requirements for cooling equipment, not only small in size, light in weight, but also low in energy consumption and high in portability. As the “heart” of the refrigeration system, the compressor determines the overall capacity and characteristics of the refrigeration system. However, most of the compressors on the market can only meet ordinary refrigeration requirements due to factors such as volume, weight, and energy consumption. In other words, only the cooling system with the micro compressor can make micro-environment cooling become a reality.

Solid technology empowers the micro-environment cooling

Founded in 2013, Coolingstyle aims at the refrigeration market segment, specializing in the research and development of micro-environment cooling technology, and providing micro-environment cooling design solutions and products. It is one of the earliest companies in the micro-environment cooling industry in China. Coolingstyle’s micro-refrigeration technology solutions and products are based on its leading micro-compressor technology and complete micro-refrigeration system solutions to help customers improve the cooling or heat dissipation effect in the micro-environment to a leading high-precision level, and solve the pain points of poor cooling or heat dissipation effects of traditional equipment in the application environment with limited volume, weight and high heat flow density.

The micro-refrigeration technology in Coolingstyle originated from military scientific research, and then gradually penetrated into industrial applications and civilian consumption. Its core technology is mainly embodied in the independently developed miniature DC inverter compressor that can be used in multiple scenarios. This miniature DC inverter compressor with a weight of only 800g and a cylinder diameter of only 56 mm is widely used in many scenarios such as cooling systems in miniature chillers, portable air conditioners, body cooling systems, medical therapy products, etc.

In order to meet the needs of specific application environments, the micro-environment cooling system also has extremely high requirements on the structure, process, and accessories. As we all know, it is not difficult to “enlarge” industrial equipment, but in turn, to shrink industrial equipment, the foreseeable technical bottleneck discourages many companies. People who are afraid of climbing the peak can only wander down the mountain forever. Coolingstyle faces difficulties and relied on continuous iterative advanced technology to reconstruct the cooling system to reduce the size of the core cooling device while controlling the accuracy of the temperature control algorithm to make it stabilize at ±0.1°C. However, Coolingstyle doesn’t settle for the status quo with the current progress, they’re still focusing on the client’s need and the marketing requirements. The company’s embedded design software and hardware engineers will carry out specific, professional, and complete customized micro-system design and software development according to the specific needs of customers to ensure that the micro-environment cooling in specific application scenarios reaches a certain accuracy.

Coolingstyle currently has two product lines in the field of micro-environmental cooling based on micro-compressors, one is a series of small high-precision laser chillers, and the other is a smart wearable human body cooling system that promotes military-civilian technology collaboration.

In recent years, with the rapid development of the laser marking industry, the cooling system is a key part of the entire laser marking operation. According to different application requirements, Coolingstyle has produced a variety of high-precision laser chillers, such as ultra-fast laser chillers, ultraviolet solid laser chillers, small industrial chillers, and 3D printing lasers, etc. The water chiller cools the laser generator of the laser equipment by water circulation, and keeps the temperature of the generator at a constant level to guarantee good performance.

For specific human body cooling applications, Coolingstyle also has a plan. For some special industries, such as miners, outdoor workers, car racers, and etc. A system that helps these people resist the hot environment and focuses on cooling the human body is very necessary. The human body cooling system developed by Coolingstyle can be powered both by DC power and AC power. The circulating fluid temperature is accurately controllable, and it is light and portable. The portable wearable design of the project has also received funding support from the relevant group of the Science and Technology Commission of the National Defense Military Commission, and has been further improved and perfected in terms of carrying weight and performance.

The testers who did not wear the cooling suit sweated like rain for 15 minutes under the scorching sun. After wearing the cooling suit, the battery was exhausted after 2 hours under the scorching sun, and the experimenters did not sweat.

Rich industry experience and technological precipitation allow Coolingstyle to be able to make a big splash in the micro-environment cooling industry. To become a leader in the industry, Coolingstyle cannot do without a professional technical team and operation team. Its core team comes from Tsinghua University. The founder Zhu Yuancheng has participated in the design and development of a number of military micro-environment cooling systems after graduation, and has obtained a number of design patents. He is the first core R&D personnel engaged in the micro-environment cooling industry in China. The company’s CTO Xiong Weiguo is his Tsinghua alumnus, and other team members are also from well-known domestic universities and have a wealth of relevant experience.

Yuancheng Zhu said: “Our partner team upholds an open mind, we are open to all colleagues. When the two-way recognition reaches a certain level, there is a chance to become a partner in Coolingstyle. At the same time, we also welcome more people with insights, capabilities, and dreams in the fields of management, marketing, sales, production, supply chain, etc. join Coolingstyle and become our partners, working together to make an ordinary industry into an extraordinary business.” This with both tolerance and technical expertise quickly attracted the attention of Shenzhen Enterprise Credit Financing Guarantee Group and Shenzhen Talent Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fund. After nearly ten years of cultivation in the micro-environment cooling field, Coolingstyle obtained financing, and the core technology is gradually industrialized.

The growth of any company cannot avoid the early lonely technological precipitation period. The team of Coolingstyle has gone through a long road of research and development, tempering core technologies into products that can withstand the test, and can stand in the face of the market. invincible position. From military scientific research to industrial and civilian consumer products, Coolingstyle always regards the advancement of technology as the soul of the enterprise, and it continues to shine in the micro-environment cooling industry.

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