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Coolingstyle, The Coolest Portable Air Conditioner Ever!

introducing coolingstyle

People love summer but nobody likes to get overheated. When the sun becomes too much to handle, it would be perfect to have a personal air conditioner. But typical air conditioners are too heavy and cumbersome to take on the go.

That’s why we created Coolingstyle, a compact and portable, go-anywhere, multifunctional air conditioner with 3 cooling effects and other useful functions.

For those who want to escape from the heat wave and stay cool, Coolingstyle is a must-have gadget.
Coolingstyle in the news
coolingstyle stay cool

Coolingstyle works perfectly both outdoors and indoors. It is a super portable device for you to stay cool during any outdoor activities such as camping, on the beach, in the backyard or for use in the home/office to have perfect cooling anytime.

coolingstyle big cooling capacity
  • Beat the Heat with Coolingstyle

Coolingstyle uses specially designed micro rotary compression refrigeration technology. This latest tech means big power out of small compressors, allowing for a new class of compact and efficient air conditioners. With a 1700BTU/H cooling capacity, Coolingstyle can cool down a 55 square ft. room in a few minutes.

  • Compact and Easy to Carry 

At only 6.5KG weight and almost the same size as a backpack, Coolingstyle can easily go anywhere your activities take you.

  • Easy to Use

Coolingstyle provides 3 cooling settings for the perfect breeze level for any occasion. The adjustable cooling levels conserve energy.

Working principle

10 thoughts on “Coolingstyle, The Coolest Portable Air Conditioner Ever!”

  1. Meddeb Sofiane

    Bonjour, ce produit a été mis en vente ou pas encore ? si oui sur quel site marchand SVP ? Merci

      1. Hello,

        Can an employee please let me know the time frame to ship one of these items to Australia and how many years product warranty does the item have.

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