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Portable Refrigerators For Cold Chain Logistics

What is cold chain logistics?

Cold chain transport is the temperature-controlled movement of climate-sensitive goods from one place to another. A complete cold chain is a series of uninterrupted cold storage production, storage and distribution activities, together with related equipment and logistics, to maintain product quality by maintaining a certain low temperature range. It is used for the preservation of fresh agricultural products, seafood, frozen food, photographic film, chemicals and medicines to extend and ensure the shelf life of the products. Such products are sometimes referred to as cold chain goods during transportation and temporary storage.

What is the whole industry chain of cold chain logistics?

The cold chain logistics industry chain can be divided into upstream industry, midstream industry and downstream industry. The upstream industry includes refrigerated trucks, refrigerators and other cooling equipment manufacturers. The midstream industry includes transportation, warehousing, integrated logistics management enterprises, and the downstream consumers are fresh food and medical biological enterprises.

The refrigeration technology in cold chain logistics.

The definition of refrigeration is reducing or maintaining the temperature of an object below the natural ambient temperature. There is no difference in working principle between cold chain logistics refrigeration technology and general refrigeration technology. However, due to the special requirements of cold chain logistics, the core of cold chain logistics is not only about “cold”, but “keeping the temperature at a constant level”-different products require different storage temperatures: such as quick-frozen food, frozen meat, ice cream, etc., require frozen transportation (-30℃~-18℃). Fruits, vegetables, beverages, fresh milk products, etc. need to be transported under refrigeration (freezing point ~ 10°C). And certain pharmaceuticals also need to be transported at a constant temperature (2°C to 8°C). Multi-temperature layer is a problem.

Regarding the pharmaceuticals transportation, such as blood and vaccine transportation, portable refrigerator is an universal method currently. Coolingstyle adopts the miniature rolling rotor compressor technology, it keeps the temperature at 2-8℃. Furthermore, if needed, the temperature can go down to -10℃. The power supply supports DC 24V or AC power. And the built-in battery can run about 3 hours. Welcome to contact us for more information.

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