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Rack mount chiller

Liquid Chillers are becoming more and more essential as the usage and popularity of precision edge mechanisms such as lasers, CNC millers, 3D printers, and similar instruments are on the rise.

A commercial chiller’s job is to transfer heat from one place to another. It is rather typical to deploy water or a liquid mixture to convey heat to & out of the chiller, necessitating storage and a circulating system on the process chiller.

Liquid Chiller System

Water chillers, frequently used to cool goods and equipment, have many uses, including additive manufacturing, laser cooling, tool and die chopping, food and drink, drugs, scanning electron microscopes, industrial machinery, semiconductors, and more.

What is Rack Mount Chillers?

No matter your business or process, having enough cooling is essential for efficiency and cost reduction. Many applications call for industrial water chillers to circulate chilled liquid or water through machinery. But it takes up valuable space in your workshop or factory.

Rack mounting saves more space

Contrary to conventional chillers, rack mount chillers are designed to save space. A Rack Mount Chiller can be mounted in a 19-inch rack.

Based on the rack design, rack installation frees up desk or floor space, allowing piling of similar equipment and maneuverability. 

Stacking rack for chillers

Heat is extracted from the manufacturing feed by recirculating fluid. A cooling circuit that uses water or air cooling removes heat from the liquid. 

Within a predetermined temperature range of 10 to 35°C, coolant temperature stability is 0.1°C.

Coolingstyle Rack Mounted Chillers Comparison

In this article, we’re going to talk about 3 top-tier rack-mounted chillers from Coolingstyle. These are the 4U, 5U, & 6U Rack Mounted Chillers. Here’s a quick comparison before we go into the details.

Comparison chart for 4U, 5U, & 6U chillers

Coolingstyle Rack Mount Chillers Specialties

Compact Thermoelectric chillers

The Coolingstyle Rack Mount recirculating chillers are small, compact chillers suitable for small, medium, & heavy thermoelectric applications. The most compact ones are the 4U series, measuring only 45cm x 48.2cm x 17.7cm.

And the largest is the 6U, which is not more than 65cm x 48.2cm x 26.7cm. These larger powerful chillers capable of cooling the largest laboratory instrumentation.

So they offer a rackmount solution, saving you a lot of horizontal space. Also with intelligent frequency conversion, save on your bills.

Nominal cooling capacity

The nominal cooling capacity of these chillers ranges from 500W to up to a whopping 1300W @25oC mean ambient temperature. Useful for a multitude of applications. Also, the 6U model has a large, 3.5L storage tank with a max flow of 33 L/min. Efficient cooling for longer periods.

Temperature Stability is 0.1 ℃

The Coolingstyle chillers are very precise in temperature control. Even in ambient temperature, the variation is never more than 0.1℃.

So set your preferred temperature between 10 to 35 C as you wish. These recirculating chillers range is within 0 to 45oC.

Low Power Consumption

The devices have a very low power consumption rating, starting from 310W. Runs on 220V/50 Hz power supplies, so pretty much usable anywhere from your backyard to the factory.

Also, these chillers can be treated as regular home appliances since the power rating is very low. No need for separate power units or off-grid electricity.

They also come with compressor overcurrent protection, alarm output, HD LCD display, intelligent frequency conversion, liquid level & flow level alarms, and many other useful features. They’re also ergonomically designed, giving your workplace an elegant vibe.


The 4U, 5U, & 6U rack mount chillers from Coolingstyle based in Shenzhen China, are really top-notch when it comes to heat loads vs power consumption.

They not only save space, but they also save your sensitive & expensive equipment with precise temperature control. Improves laser performance & prevents additional heating.

Recommended for high reliability, compact thermoelectric chillers, low temperatures, quiet operation, & other aspects.


4U, 5U, & 6U Rack Mounted Chillers

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