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The new customized chillers goes into the mass production stage

Coolingstyle is a comprehensive solution provider focusing on micro-environment refrigeration and temperature regulation, and at the same time provides customers with customized services and program designs for various refrigeration equipment. With its excellent innovation ability, we have developed steadily in the cultivation of innovative markets and commercial implementation.

Coolingstyle undertook the special needs from a customer a few months ago. The temperature should be kept at 25+/-0.3 ℃ . The smaller the water temperature fluctuation, the better, and at the same time there will be external heat source input. After our R&D team’s hard working, the water temperature fluctuation required by customers has been achieved <+/-0.3°C, and the measured temperature change is around ±0.1 °C .

Figure: The measured temperature change curve of the customized constant temperature chiller

According to customer customization needs, our technical team has successfully developed and has put into production.

It is understood that special micro-environment precision temperature control technology has broad market applications. Facing the growing market demand at home and abroad, Coolingstyle will continue to promote the development of micro-environment temperature control technology and actively promote micro-environment precision temperature control technology In-depth application in subdivided fields such as military equipment, laser equipment, human body cooling and civilian consumption. At present, it has cooperated with many listed companies, colleges and universities, and scientific research institutes.

Figure : constant temperature custom water tank
Figure : Small batch production of constant temperature customized water chillers

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