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Coolingstyle Obtained 2 More Utility Patents

Recently Coolingstyle successfully applied for two more utility model patents, and both patent certificates have been issued, we will explain simply in the following article.

Patent one

Utility patent name : double refrigeration system chiller

Authorization announcement date: 2022-01-07

The utility model discloses a double refrigeration system chiller, comprising an outer casing, a first refrigeration system, a second refrigeration system, a water tank and a water pump arranged on the inner bottom surface of the outer casing, the first refrigeration system and the second refrigeration system It includes a compressor, a condenser and a heat exchanger connected to the compressor, a fan is arranged on the rear side of the condenser, and the first refrigeration system is respectively connected to the first DC power supply and the first control board arranged inside the outer casing. connected, the second refrigeration system is electrically connected to the second DC power supply and the second control board respectively arranged inside the outer casing, and both the first control board and the second control board are electrically connected to the display screen arranged on the front panel of the outer casing , the external equipment to be cooled is connected to the first refrigeration system through the flow switch, the first refrigeration system is connected to the second refrigeration system, and the second refrigeration system is connected to the water tank to form a water cycle. The utility model solves the problems of large volume, poor versatility and low fault tolerance rate of the chiller in the prior art.
Patent two
Utility patent name : miniature high-precision laser chiller
Authorization announcement date : 2022-01-18

The utility model discloses a miniature high-precision laser chiller, comprising an outer casing, a refrigeration cycle component, a water cycle component and a control circuit arranged inside. The refrigeration cycle component includes a compressor, a condenser, a drying filter, a capillary copper tube and a Heat Exchanger. The utility model adopts a high-efficiency micro-compressor, a condenser and a counter-type plate heat exchanger, which ensures sufficient heat conversion and greatly improves the refrigeration efficiency of the system.

Congratulations to Coolingstyle for successfully obtaining two utility model patent certificates at the beginning of 2022. We will continue to cultivate in the refrigeration industry and continue to adhere to the road of “independent intellectual property rights” and “combination of production, education and research”. At present , Coolingstyle has more than 50 related intellectual property rights, and the products have gradually formed two product series of small high-precision laser chillers to help industrial interconnection, and intelligent wearable human body cooling systems to promote military-civilian integration.

After years of deep cultivation, Coolingstyle has made great progress in the cooling industry. At the same time, the products have attracted much attention in the industry with their outstanding advantages such as ” small size , light weight, low energy consumption , and easy integration” . Coolingstyle will make persistent efforts to continuously promote the further innovation and development of the micro-environment refrigeration industry.

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