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Get yourself a body cooling vest for the hot summer

People have been raving about cooling vests across the internet. This is particularly common for you if you reside in hot or humid environments. When you’re outside and simply trying to perform your chores, and yard work for long periods, you are sure to consider buying one for keeping cool under the scorching heat.

Cooling vests

Many of us have looked far and broad for a remedy to profusely sweating while indulging in various outdoor actions. And we’ve all come across something named a cooling vest. So it’s natural to be curious whether they exist or are just a myth.

Are Cooling Vests Real?

Yes, cooling vests actually exist. They are usually worn by inhabitants in hot weather to mitigate the sun. However, these vests are also used for a variety of other activities. Very commonly, the goal of using a vest would be to cool you down while engaging in outdoor activity.

You must maintain your calm, whether exercising outside, enjoying sports, or engaging in other outdoor pastimes. A high increase in body temperature can have some rather severe consequences.

Just like a normal vest, cooling vests are used as an outer garment. They can be created in various designs but are often made of breathable mesh. A few even resist water.

Drawbacks of different models

However, the vests have advantages and disadvantages depending on the cooling method. So it’s recommended that you consider your work conditions and surroundings before settling for a type. Follow this article to know all about the different types of cooling vests.

How do Cooling Vests Function?

Ice packs or cool water within cooling vests are the most typical technique to function. You can use the same ice packs repeatedly because they can be refrozen. These packets have certainly been seen before in coolers and lunch boxes.

The ice packs have an element inside them that solidifies and will gradually thaw out over time. Your body temperature drops and becomes less hot as the pack thaws. Your body will cool down more quickly the faster the ice pack thaws.

However, this is just a general idea. There are several types of cooling vests on the market. Let’s see which one suits you the best.

 Different Types of Cooling Vests on the Market

Circulatory Powered Cooling Vests

Circulatory Powered Cooling Vests are the best cooling vests we looked into. These vests work by continually recirculating ice water across the vest’s body.

Most frequently, the main water supply is storage like a static chiller or portable backpack through which ice water circulates. The cold water is collected from the tank and pumped through the vest’s piping to produce a steady, protracted cooling impact.

These vests often offer chilling comfort for one to four hours before the cold water starts to warm up. The length of time is significantly influenced by the tubing’s insulation and the volume of the ice storage tank.

These vests come in a variety of designs. We recommend Coolingstyle’s Body Cooling T-Shirt, which offers the choice of portable backpack storage of 3L with a 1000 mAh power bank.

Coolingstyle Body Cooling T-Shirt

These vests have the most reliable cooling effect among all types of cooling vests. This is largely because frozen water is constantly moving about, keeping everything chilly and preventing some spots from warming up more quickly or more slowly than others.

In contrast to other cooling vests, circulatory-powered cooling vests are typically more expensive. Furthermore, a backpack or container to hold the cold water may restrict movement or even cause the user to stand still.

Evaporative Cooling Vests

The evaporative cooling vest must be the initial kind of vest  we suggest. These vests work on the straightforward evaporative cooling principle and are arguably the most widely used & affordable alternatives.

The highly permeable fabric used in evaporative cooling vests is engineered to quickly absorb the moisture when immersed in cool water. After dipping, the material gently loses the chilly water over several hours, often four to ten, creating a cooling sensation all along.

Evaporative vests and apparel are trendy with athletes and others who work in outdoor or manufacturing occupations due to their inexpensive cost and extended cooling time.

Evaporative cooling vest

Vests using evaporative cooling are compact, affordable, and may be reused immediately without needing to buy an extra vest to swap it out. Not only vests but also headgear, wristbands, seat covers, and dog vests are also offered for purchase as evaporative cooling clothing.

An evaporative vest can be repaired by hand sewing if it sustains damage. Even a few beads escaping won’t severely affect the vest’s ability to perform its duty. Beads are non-toxic, though always inspect the vest well to prevent a youngster from ingesting them.

Due to their modest dampness, evaporative cooling vests can occasionally be intolerable to those with delicate skin & are only marginally useful in moist settings.

Cold Pack Cooling Vests

Although they use real ice packs that freeze around 32 °F or, in some circumstances, considerably colder, the cold pack cooling vests have the same appearance as phase change vests. Due to their low temperature, these cold packs provide the most outstanding amount of cooling. Extremely high heat and humidity don’t hinder the effectiveness of these vests. Over time, additional groups might be added or replaced.

Cold Pack Vest

Cold Pack Vests come with sections explicitly created specifically to contain cold packs or ice pack. Cold packs are frequently made flexible even when frozen, keeping them light and convenient to wear while engaging in physical activity.

If you have a cooler or other comparable items on hand, you can quickly get a full day’s worth of chilling out of it thanks to the flexible design of these vests, which permits you to easily swap out the cold packs out the cold packs with ease.

But remember that every cold pack would usually only endure for a few hours before you have to replace it.

The disadvantages of cold pack vests are numerous. The thawed elements must be refrozen in a mechanical refrigerator, under 32 degrees Fahrenheit, which could also take many hours and are typically bulkier than phase change components when frozen.

The majority of frozen packs “sweat” when they release cold temperature, which often irritate people against the skin.

Phase Change Cooling Vest

Phase Change Cooling Vests are the focus of our next analysis of cooling vests. These vests function by adopting a unique phase-changing substance or PCM with a greater than usual freezing temperature of 58 °F, identical to Cold Pack vests, as both have chambers for cooling packs.

Packs containing PCM are placed in certain vest pockets where they can deliver cold therapy. They provide chilling for longer lengths of time because of their high freezing temperatures and are quicker to refreeze, making it simple and quick to reuse the packs.

PCM Vests

This kind of vest has implants that can be frozen or submerged in ice water to stimulate them. Once activated, the inserts keep a constant temperature (often between 53 and 56 degrees Fahrenheit) for up to 3 hours. The fillings can then be activated again (10 to 20 mins) and used again.

To use phase change vests continually, many users elect to buy an additional set of fillings and alternate them. The implants aren’t quite like ice packs; they don’t get very cold, so they won’t harm your skin if you leave them in touch with it.

They are therefore loose and suitable for usage with small children or people who are incapable to express their discomfort or feel high temperatures due to neuropathy.

How Safe are Cooling Vests Under Extreme Heat??

People working in extreme conditions, such as in a furnace, factory, welding, steel industry, and other heavy industries are highly prone to heat strokes and seizures. For them, a cooling vest can be a source of soothing relief.

Sadly, many people don’t recognize heatstroke unless they already feel its symptoms. Heatstroke can result in death within only a few minutes if it is not addressed.

People’s most significant concern regarding cooling vests is because they will make you function poorer. There is little cause to worry about because it shouldn’t be.

Some industries that can benefit from cooling vests

But how safe are they? With a cooling vest, enjoy time outdoors although you live somewhere where it becomes quite hot. It only requires a little planning and getting ready. You can stay cool and lower your body temperature by wearing a cooling vest.

Additionally, keep in mind that there are numerous kinds of cooling vests. Many of them are actually composed of neoprene, an artificial rubber that helps you stay cool.

Mesh & neoprene are often used to make arguably the most popular cooling vests. Neoprene helps calm you down, and the mesh fabric will aid in wicking sweat away from your neck and chest area.

Are Cooling Vests suitable for both Men and Women?

Cooling vests suit both men and women. Yet, an essential aspect when selecting a cooling vest is your body structure. Ensure the netting material is not too restrictive if you wish to use a cooling vest, whether you are a man or woman. Your whole top region should be covered by the cooling vest’s mesh.

Men and women both quickly become heated and uncomfortable. Summertime is a particularly good time to consider this. Many folks still have to remain busy outside even when it’s scorching out to keep you in.

Cooling vests can be worn by both men and women. But since they come in different sizes, you should consult the sizing chart.

How to Pick Up the Right Sizes?

Cooling vests are available in several sizes just like ordinary vests. To ensure that the vest fits properly, you should get a suitable size. Uncomfortable and potentially painful, a cooling vest that doesn’t fit comfortably will make you feel uneasy.

Asking yourself will help you choose the right size. There are simple techniques to determine the size you need if you’re unsure.

A tape measure can be used to measure your neck, chest, and waist. All you have to do is cover these body parts with tape. The most crucial thing to keep in mind is to pick a size that will suit you well.

Seek out a sizing chart if you are unsure of how to adjust a vest. Finding the right size will be simpler for you as a result. If you follow the measuring chart going left to right, you’ll be able to determine the appropriate size.

You’ll most frequently encounter the sizes small, medium, & large. Additionally, there is an extra-large size available. Choose the bigger size if you are aware that you are between sizes. Don’t stress about being too tight or too loose. The best course of action is to get the correct size for you appropriately.


Made a decision yet? Take your time and weigh your options since these vests are becoming more and more essential these days. But they’re also linked to your comfort and preference, especially your purpose. You also have the option to try out our recommended product which is a cool vest, scientific, and more advanced.


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