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High Precision UV Laser Temperature Control Based On Micro Compressor | Coolingstyle
24 March 2022
Xiong Weiguo1 Zhu Yuancheng 1,2 (1. Shenzhen Coolingstyle Technology Co., Ltd. Shenzhen 518000 2....
Coolingstyle Obtained 2 More Utility Patents
25 February 2022
Recently Coolingstyle successfully applied for two more utility model patents, and both patent certificates...
How to prevent your chiller from freezing in winter | Coolingstyle
11 January 2022
With the arrival of winter, the temperature has plummeted, and many places have reached below zero degrees,...
miniature chiller
Compressor-based Chiller Vs Thermoelectric Chiller | Coolingstyle
27 December 2021
The most fundamental difference between semiconductor and compressor refrigeration is how they achieve...
What Is the Smallest Refrigeration Compressor in the World? | Coolingstyle
13 December 2021
Aspen COMPRESSOR, LLC, world's pioneer of miniature rotary refrigeration compressors. Invented the world’s...
How Does The Chiller Temperature Accuracy Affect The Laser’s Performance? | Coolingstyle
05 December 2021
Lasers produce a copious amount of heat during their operation. And to get the best performance, chiller...
Coolingstyle's Miniature Chiller Temperature Stabilizes At ±0.1℃
17 November 2021
Temperature accuracy plays an important role in the laser's performance. The video below shows our miniature...
A Brief Evaluation of Personal Cooling Systems
01 November 2021
Have you ever wondered what personal cooling systems are? How they are beneficial in the world and how...
Miniature Precision Water Chiller Boost the Development of Ultrafast Lasers
18 October 2021
The ultrafast laser market is set to explode Laser technology is closely related to today's life...
What Makes the Q Series Miniature Chiller Special?
13 October 2021
Most lasers need a liquid chiller for cooling because in the energy conversion process that occurs with...


The Technology Core of High-Precision Micro Temperature Control Systems
Introduction: Temperature control is a critical aspect in various fields, ranging from biomedical research...


Good news! Coolingstyle won the honorary title of "Specialized, Specialized and New Small and Medium-sized Enterprises" in Shenzhen
Recently, Shenzhen Small and Medium Enterprise Service Bureau announced the list of specialized, special...



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