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What Is the Smallest Refrigeration Compressor in the World? | Coolingstyle

Aspen COMPRESSOR, LLC, world’s pioneer of miniature rotary refrigeration compressors. Invented the world’s smallest refrigeration compressor. This compressor works wonders as it is efficient and reliable.

This article will focus on miniature refrigeration compressors in collaboration with Aspen LLC invention and Coolingstyle’s miniature compressor. We will tackle how the system works, its proven efficiency, and applications. We’ll go over these topics in great detail shortly.

Let’s get started.

What is a refrigeration compressor?

The refrigeration compressors serve as the heart of the refrigeration systems.

A refrigeration compressor acts as a refrigerant pump. Its function is to raise the pressure and temperature of the refrigerant. It also assists the systems in cooling through repeated refrigeration cycles

The most common types of compressors are centrifugal, rotary, and reciprocating. They’re part of gas transfer systems. Their function is to introduce a gas into the system, expel exhaust, and then repeat the process. It works by changing the pressure at specific points to force gas in and exhaust out.

There would be no refrigeration effect in the evaporator if these compressors were not present.

What is the smallest refrigeration compressor in the world?

This is the World’s smallest refrigeration rotary compressor invented by Aspen compressor, LLC.

This mini compressor is small but powerful. It has an advanced control system and a brushless DC motor. Allowing it to be compact, lightweight, and efficient.

The size is up to one-seventh the weight and one-twelfth the volume of standard OEM compressors.

The cooling capacity range of Aspen compressor is 360 watts to 910 watts.

What is the history of the Aspen compressors?

Aspen Systems was founded in 1988. The miniature compressors was invented in the early 1990s for a miniature refrigeration system to cool dismounted soldiers wearing heavy protective gear while operating in high ambient temperature battlefields. Later, in the early 2000s, they began manufacturing them.

By the late 1990s, they had also produced a small number of personal cooling systems for jet pilots.

What can we do with the miniature compressors?

This miniature refrigeration compressor functions as the core of the small cooling systems.

The mini compressor has replaced the traditional reciprocating compressor in many mobile cooling applications such as portable air conditioners, ice making machine, personal cooling systems, mini refrigerators and many other compact mobile cooling systems to satisfy the growing refrigeration compressor market Because of its potential applications, this device has grown in popularity in the HVAC market in recent years. In industries, these devices are frequently used in microthermal management systems.

More choices about miniature compressors.

Coolingstyle has over a decade of miniature compact cooling systems development experience. And have successfully launched models of mini compressors that can be used in a variety of small cooling units fields.

When compared to traditional large-size compressors, the Coolingstyle miniature compressor performs admirably due to its compact size and power cooling capacity. Here are some details about Coolingstyle’s mini compressor models. CS-MCQ-19241100 and TSC2-M028Y4: 

Model: CS-MCQ-19241100 (1.99 cc)

Model: TSC2-M028Y4 (2.8 cc)

Advantages of Coolingstyle miniature rotary compressor?


In terms of functionality, the mini compressors produced by Coolingstyle has the below advantages:

  • Mini size.
  • Super light weight.
  • Large cooling power.
  • Low energy consumption.
  • Variable speed ranges from 2000-6000rpm.
  • Easy precise control.
  • Patent drive board.
  • 24V dc power, ac dc conversion can be easily achieved by the inverter.
  • Low vibration and low noise.

The mini compressor is usually applied in mobile refrigeration application. The compressor’s variable speeds can be controlled by the road speed signal. Users can use the speed input port to short-circuit the +5V signal.

There are also safety features on the compressors. An overheat protection feature to keep device users safe from mishaps. Coolingstyle compressors are rolling rotor compressors. With an only lightweight, the cooling capacity of Coolingstyle’s compressors. Varies from 100W to 500W by regulating the rotation speed.


In ASHRAE conditions, the model CS-MCQ-19241100 has a cooling capacity of 500W at highest rpm. The TSC2-M028Y4 model has a cooling capacity of 580W at highest rpm.

Applications of the Coolingstyle mini compressor.

Mini compressors from Coolingstyle is ideal for small refrigeration facilities.

We have successfully developed a series of extremely small refrigeration systems.

Portable air conditioner    

Personal cooling system  

Micro chiller

The small compressors can be used in air conditioning refrigeration units, water cooling devices, and commercial refrigeration devices, portable refrigeration systems, food cooling systems, micro refrigeration systems, temperature-controlled shipping containers, electronic refrigeration systems, and medical imaging systems.

In the end

We welcome all different OEM and ODM micro cooling system based on the micro compressors.


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